Missing Persons/Adoption Findings

We are experts at finding people and reuniting them in an efficient and empathetic way.  We know that finding a lost family member or discovering a biological parent or child can be extremely emotional and sensitive.  We will always maintain a strict policy of keeping information private and respecting our clients’ privacy.  We search public […]

Collections/Skip Tracing

Whether someone owes you back rent or they promised to do work for you and when payment was received and they took off, we will find them for you.  It takes piecing together information that is not obviously linked and it is following the web of information that is collected.  That information can come from […]

Bug Sweeps (TSCM)

The TSCM (Technical Service Counter Measures) inspection is a check to ensure that there is no possibility of conversations being overheard by others, normally in an office or meeting place. A TSCM survey is the service provided by qualified personnel to detect the presence of surveillance devices and hazards and to identify technical security weak […]

Child Support/Custody

If a parent is concerned that the other parent is unfit but may have difficulty showing this to the court, a private investigator can help.  When people get a divorce or end their relationship, the custody battle can get messy. Emotions tend to run high, and claims of neglect and abuse can be made in the process. You need evidence to strengthen […]

Corporate/Business Investigations

A corporate investigation is the thorough investigation of a corporation or business in order to uncover wrongdoing committed by management, employees, or third parties.  There are many aspects of corporate investigations and they can vary significantly based on your needs. For example, corporate investigations can uncover if a business partner is …

Death Investigations

The death of a loved one, family member, friend or close associate is always difficult. We understand families want answers about why their loved one passed away.  Law Enforcement agencies have many cases, budget constraints and other issues sometimes hindering their ability to fully pursue a case. From the moment you retain our services, we […]

Employment Screenings/Backgrounds

With the electronic and internet age, our world is a rapidly changing scene. Predators can now hide behind a screen and pretend to be anyone. Whether you are searching for a tradesman, job, nanny, or date, there is no guarantee that the person with whom you are communicating is who he (or she) says he […]


If you suspect that your partner is cheating, you want to confirm your suspicions as soon as possible. You may try to uncover the truth yourself, but oftentimes this is ineffective or could cause your partner to become even more secretive. The most effective way to monitor your partner’s actions is to hire a private […]

Forensic Evidence Collection

Our investigators have all been trained in the proper identification and legal collection of forensic evidence, whether it is evidence from a death investigation, child abuse or computer related crimes, our staff is trained to collect the evidence.  This includes how to properly handle the evidence items, package it up for secured storage, and for […]

Financial Investigations

Financial investigations are also called forensic accounting. They are most commonly used to look into corporate misdeeds to uncover evidence regarding allegations of embezzlement, asset searching, tax evasion, money laundering, or other varieties of financial crime. They can unveil evidence of corruption, fraud and even terrorist financing.  Our i …