Paul Pennington


Mr. Paul H. Pennington, President of KASIG, desired to be in law enforcement from the time he was a child.  Upon graduating from high school, Mr. Pennington attended Allegany College of Maryland majoring in Criminal Justice.  Mr. Pennington then began his career with the State of Maryland Department of Juvenile Justice.  In February, 1996, Mr. Pennington transferred to Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services where he rose through the ranks to Lieutenant.  Mr. Pennington also served with the Ridgely City Police Department in Ridgely West Virginia beginning as a patrolman and rising to the rank of Sergeant before leaving the department.  Though Mr. Pennington spent most of his career in the corrections side of law enforcement, he has experience in conducting criminal, administrative, use of force, serious incident, and internal investigations.  He obtained the rank of Lieutenant while serving inside of a maximum security prison housing inmates, many of whom, were serving life and life plus sentences.  Mr. Pennington was an Institutional TAC leader for 5 years.   Mr. Pennington has attended and completed training in Interview and Interrogation, Identifying Deceptive Behavior, Crime Scene Investigation, and various other law enforcement and investigative techniques.

In January, 2014 Mr. Pennington attended and completed Private Investigator Training at Golden Seal Enterprises in Winchester, Virginia where he became a Virginia (DCJS) Department of Criminal Justices registered private investigator.  In February, 2014 Mr. Pennington created Pennington Elite Investigations, LLC and became licensed by the state of Virginia as a private security services business.  Mr. Pennington has attended several other DCJS trainings and is a certified compliance agent, a registered armed security officer and is currently pursuing his bail bondsman training.  Mr. Pennington retired from the State of Maryland Department of Public Safety on March 1, 2015 and currently resides with his family in Clarke County, Virginia.