Rebecca Smith


After moving from Upstate New York to Hendersonville, TN, Ms. Smith began her law enforcement career as a patrol officer with the Hendersonville Police Department.  After 5 years as a uniformed patrol officer Ms. Smith relocated to the Outer Banks of North Carolina where she began working as a patrol officer for the Nags Head Police Department.

In 2007 Ms. Smith was assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division working as a general investigator.  Ms. Smith worked a wide range of criminal investigations including property crimes, missing persons, financial crimes, fire/arson investigations, and crimes against persons.  In 2009 Ms. Smith was promoted to Detective Sergeant and was the supervisor over the Criminal Investigations Division.  In 2014 Ms. Smith was reassigned to the uniformed patrol division as a Patrol Supervisor for a short time before retiring from law enforcement.

In 2015 Ms. Smith relocated to the Winchester VA area with her husband, she began working as a private investigator for Pennington Elite Investigations in September 2015.

Ms. Smith is a certified fire and explosives investigator, a certified general law enforcement instructor through the State of North Carolina.  She also holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice.