Thomas Canterbury

Investigator | Bondsman

Thomas O. Canterbury, Investigator and Bondsman for KASIG, began his road to Master Detective at Garfield High School, Akron Ohio as a Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) as a Lieutenant Junior Grade, Drill Commander and Drill Commander.

Shortly after graduation, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps completing his boot camp at Parris Island, South Carolina.  Thomas was stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC in field artillery receiving 2 meritorious promotions and selected for embassy duty.  Thomas was first assigned Embassy Duty to Moscow, USSR followed by Rome, Italy.  Thomas was also selected for special assignments in Helsinki, Finland; Stockholm, Sweden; and London, England.

Upon being Honorably Discharged from the Marine Corps, Thomas joined the United States Secret Service as a uniformed officer in Washington DC.  Thomas received his basic police training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, Georgia and the Secret Service Academy in Beltsville, Maryland.

Staying on the East Coast allowed Thomas to explore local law enforcement departments where he found his home with the Prince William County Police Department, Virginia. Thomas received his training at the Northern Virginia Police Academy in Arlington, Virginia.  Throughout the years, Thomas had extensive trainings in law enforcement and investigation.  Thomas served as a patrol officer for many years before entering the Criminal Investigations Division as a Detective in the burglary unit.  Thomas became a Master Detective while in the Violent Crimes Division with Prince William County while investigating primarily rapes, robberies, and homicides.  Thomas is member of the Virginia Homicide Investigator’s Association.  During his police career, Thomas was a General Firearms Instructor at the police academy for pistol, shotgun, and tactical shooting.  Thomas retired from Prince William after 23 years.  During that time Thomas received the following awards and commendations:  Valor Award and Outstanding Police Service Award given by the County for Outstanding Bravery and Saving Lives; Law Enforcement Pubic Service Award given by the U.S. Attorney of Virginia; and 4 County Executive Awards and multiple commendations by citizens and other law enforcement members.

Thomas received his Private Investigation training through Department of Criminal Justice System (DCJS) which registering him as a Private Investigator in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Thomas has since pursued bail bondsman training.  Thomas has over 15 years experience in investigation and interviewing.  Thomas resides with his family in Warren County, Virginia.